Máte zájem nabízet projekty OZE v AFRICE?
Možná pro Vás bude zajímavý  Africa Program newsletter:

Dear Colleagues

Herewith I have the pleasure of presenting you the attached launch issue of the ADB FINESSE Africa Program newsletter.

The FINESSE Africa Program is managed by the Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Unit (PSDU) of the African Development Bank. The overall goal of the program is to assist countries in Africa, working through the Bank, to formulate the appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks and develop capacity to generate a pipeline of investment projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The monthly ADB FINESSE Africa Program newsletter is intended to become a platform for exchange of ideas, experiences, best practices etc. in renewable energy and energy efficiency among Bank staff, African countries, donors, research institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or query regarding our newsletter and/or the ADB FINESSE Africa program.

Kind regards,

Yogesh Vyas

Head, Sustainable Development & Poverty Reduction Unit (PSDU)


FINancing Energy Services for Small-scale Energy users


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