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06.09.2004 - 14.09.2004
Solární technologie pro rekonstrukci budov

Legislation and regulations addressing energy use in buildings are changing. Users and designers need to consider this when planning a new building or before renovating an existing one. Do you understand these changing requirements? Do you know how to design an energy efficient building and how to implement clean energy technologies to reduce environmental pollution? Do your students and colleagues know?

Training workshop on solar building design in Prague will be an opportunity to learn about applying passive and active solar strategies, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for building design, in a practical and interactive workshop environment. And make contacts with other architects and engineers who are interested in this field, and have fun while learning relevant skills.

ISES Solar Academy: Solar Technologies for Building Renovation (SOTERE 2004)
6 to 14 September 2004
Prague, Czech Republic - Czech Technical University (CVUT)
Maryke van Staden (projects@ises.org) Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Andreas Wagner (solar building expert and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Univ. of Karlsruhe) Architecture and engineering students from Eastern Europe are invited to attend. The fee is much reduced to help them - so a once-in-a-liftetime opportunity! Learn about energy efficient architecture and sustainable renovation of buildings in a temperate to cold climate, also taking into account the cultural context of buildings that are retrofitted. A large part of the programme is dedicated to a design studio, where participants will work in groups on a design issue. More details and the programme can be found on the website.


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