BIOETHANOL přináší světlo
In the city of Schwaebisch Hall, 36,000 residents will be energized with bioethanol in the future. Up to 40 million kilowatt-hours per year should be produced with fuel made of sugar or starch – climate neutral, because bioethanol releases only the amount of carbon dioxide during combustion that was absorbed by the plant during its growth.

The public services department of Schwaebisch Hall wants to finance the development of the machines on their own. The development costs should then be refinanced from the sale of their know-how.

It is still fully open-ended whether the Renewable Energy Laws (EEG) for bioethanol will be granted the bonus for renewable primary products. This depends on six cents that would additionally have to be paid by the power supply company for the kilowatt-hour generated storm, if necessary.

Source: www.fr-aktuell.de (German)

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