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Green Wall project

 LICO Consulting, Hungary, is ready to take part in an international networking on the - in economical, social & ecological point of view as well - optimal rehabilitation of the so called blockhouses & housing estates built by prefabricated concrete elements in almost every countries of Central & Eastern Europe before the collapse of the wall in Berlin.

Actually we are preparing a project regarding to use a patented new technology for this purpose. The idea of reconstruction/rehabilitation is focusing on the ecologic aspect: we presume that the best way could be to cover the roof & all external walls in this big building by plants. After to put a suitable external isolation on the walls & (flat) roof, a module system of tanks/pots will be fixed on the walls (&roof). Creeper plants (different types of ivy and woodbine) will grow from these vessels; the water & nutritive material will be forwarded by a controlled irrigation system. The dimension of the "Green Wall" has no limits (depend only from the number of modules), indifferent from the distance of the soil. The green wall has various very positive - microclimatic, energy saving, public health, psychology, social, etc. - effects, but needs some years after the installation to display them ...


The R+D work will be focusing on the specification of

- the minimal and the optimal life conditions of the different types of English Ivy or other creeping plants;

- the optimal materials and volumes/morphology of the containers (vessels or tanks), giving enough space for the roots and the soil;

- the optimal methods and techniques for the secure fixation of this containers on the walls;

- the optimal irrigation systems; the automatic or manual dosing of the water and the needed nutritive.


For the selection of a reference work we need to cooperate with interested investors; we prefer to involve into the project not only a block-hous rehabilitation, but a new construction - housing and industrial/infrastructural buildings as well - in the Czech Republic, in Germany, in Hungary or anywhere in the new Europe 25.


We are looking for experts to resolve some technical problems and fine tuning the technology; buildings' owners who are ready to invest and realize a reference project; real estate developers, investors.

At the same time we are looking for external financial sources & supporters for the project.


LICO Consulting

Gabor SEBO project manager



T/F: +36 1 2744127

Address: Vilma ut 3. Budapest, 1125 Hungary